My Obsessions

I sometimes get carried away when I find something I like. I go through a bit of an obsession stage at the beginning. Thankfully things calm down after the initial frenzy. Here are a few of my favorites.

Writing Obsessions

Timeless Scribes Publishing
Moonlight and Mystery
The Wild Rose Press
Romance Writers of America
New Jersey Romance Writers
Violet Femmes
Smart Bitches Trashy Books

Michael Hauge

Author/Reading Obsessions

Victoria Alexander
Ruth A. Casie
PA DePaul

Judi Fennell

Lita Harris
Jessica Lauryn
Marjorie M. Liu

Kristen Painter
Nicole S. Patrick
Julie Rowe
DC Stone

Julie Ann Walker – Black Knights Series

Non Writing/Reading Obsessions

Supernatural – There are a ton of fan sites for Supernatural. Here are some of my favorites.
Official CW Site
The Winchester Family Business
Supernatural Wiki

Scarecrow and Mrs. King – How many people remember this show? I still love it.

Leverage – I love this show. I recently got my son into it so we have something we can watch together. 🙂 Yay! Netflix is a beautiful thing. I can watch any episode I want, whenever I want.

Once Upon a Time – I started watching this when it first came out, but didn’t keep up. With the reboot out this year (2017), I decided to play catch up on Netflix and became obsessed. Captain Swan all the way!

Grounds For Sculpture – I love this place. It’s beautiful all year round, but Spring is my favorite time to visit.

Mud Runs – Hubby, Best Friend, and I ran the Rugged Maniac on July 12, 2015. I have never been so dirty in my entire life, but we had a great time. I was a bit sore (walking hurt!) afterward but totally worth it. I thank my time at The Max (see below) for getting me in shape enough to make my way through it.


The Max Challenge – This is an exercise and nutrition program combined. It’s so much better than a regular gym. I actually go 5 days a week for their awesome classes. The instructors are amazing and inspiring. I love it!


We rented an RV and spent a week in Acadia National Park in Maine, hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Gorgeous! Here are a few pictures. We ended up buying a travel trailer and have since gone on many wonderful vacations. If I ever get my pictures organized, I’ll post some here.
IMG_5675 IMG_5688 IMG_5756 IMG_5759

IMG_5791 IMG_5796 IMG_5816 IMG_5898

My Pets

Named for James P. Sullivan from Monsters, Inc. our Sulley is the best cat EVER!
This is Luna Fluffgood. I’m not really sure how her name came about, but we had a lot of fun naming her. 🙂
Ruby april 19_2018
Ruby Roundfluff: Licker of Faces — Named after Ruby Roundhouse: Killer of Men from Jumanji 🙂