About Me

P6I never planned on becoming a writer. In fact, while I’ve always loved to read, I never imagined I could love to write as well.

Then one day, as my babies napped, a story came into my head and it wouldn’t leave. I realized I’d been searching for that story at the book store for ages, but couldn’t find it. The idea that I might actually write the story myself made my pulse race and my stomach do flip-flops.

I couldn’t believe I might have an entire story, so I wrote down a quick outline. It was incredibly brief and nowhere near enough to create an entire book, but I didn’t know that. That night, I nervously approached my husband with the idea that I’d decided to try to write a book. I was shocked when, instead of confirming my own doubt of my ability, he wholeheartedly told me it was a great idea.

I’ve learned a lot since then. I joined Romance Writers of America and my local New Jersey chapter. Probably the best decisions I made. They’ve been invaluable. Not only for the incredible support romance writers are always willing to give each other, but also for the access to resources that have taught me a great deal. It was through New Jersey Romance Writers that I met my amazing critique group, a partnership that has fueled my creative world in more ways than I can count.

Thanks to that wonderful support and guidance, and three fabulous critique partners, I sold my time travel romance—Time for Love—to The Wild Rose Press. It came out in December 2013. My partners and I have also joined forces and started our own publishing company, Timeless Scribes. We released our first anthology of short stories—Timeless Keepsakes: A Collection of Christmas Stories—on November 11, 2013. Other Timeless Tales follow every six months.

I am looking forward to this next stage of my journey while making the most of being married to my high school sweetheart and being an at-home mom to two beautiful kids, one wacky dog and the best cat ever.

Take a look around my site and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you.