TIME AFTER TIME Excerpt (Witches of Havenport)

Time After Time Final

Coat check was empty so Sophia had to wait a few minutes for the attendant before picking up the faux fur wrap she’d borrowed from her inventory for the evening. It went perfect with her costume. One perk of owning an antique shop was always being well prepared with outfits from different eras.

She stepped out onto the back deck of Royce’s and shivered in the chill night air. A set of steps led down to the dock. Laughter and music spilled out from the tavern, and twinkling orange lights lit up the surrounding area. What a night.

Going straight home held no appeal, so she took a walk on the dock. A quick glance at her watch showed just shy of midnight. She’d at least stay out until twelve before calling it a night and heading back to her lonely apartment.

A giggling pair of lovers leaned against the railing. Cleopatra and Marc Antony seemed familiar. She tried to get a good look without staring and finally recognized Reina Mills and Keenan O’Connell. She rushed by without saying hello. She’d gotten to know the pair quite well over the past year. Keenan was almost as fascinated by her antiques as she was and came into her store fairly often.

And, loving history as she did, his family story intrigued her. He was a descendant of the Lovers of Havenport. Those star-crossed lovers who disappeared in the Roaring Twenties never to be heard from again. All that was left of them was their portrait in Havenport’s Seaport Museum. Keenan had given her a little insight into his ancestor’s story and she’d eaten up all the details. His version differed completely from what the Havenport historians thought. She loved being in the know on such an epic tale.

But seeing Reina and Keenan entwined as they were made her think of Mia and her “true love” spell. She twisted the pearls around her fingers and gazed up at the gorgeous full moon. She envied the lovers she’d just passed. What she wouldn’t give to have someone to share this beautiful evening with.

A passage from the love letters came to mind.

I wished for you one lonely night
but never did I dream
that you would come to me, my love
And set my heart alight.

Oh, she wished all right.

A sudden gust of wind roared in her ears. Heat engulfed her body. A flash. Then everything went black.