“I have a second bedroom. Why don’t you stay with me?” It wouldn’t hurt to get in good with her new landlord. And if he planned to fix up the second floor and move in, it would be a good idea to make friends.

What would he wear to bed? The modern half of her hoped he was a boxers only kind of man. She wouldn’t mind having the eye candy around. Her shy, seventeenth-century half prayed for smelly, disgusting nightclothes that covered every inch of his body. She didn’t need the temptation so close at hand. Hitting on her new landlord was likely a bad idea.

He studied her for a second. He seemed like the kind of guy to weigh all his options. Stanley had always said Gray was a careful boy, begging the question of why he’d come all this way without knowing the true state of affairs.

He cleaned his glasses once again. With his face tilted down in concentration, he said, “Thanks. I’d appreciate that.”

“Well, okay then.”

Havoc loped over to her side and shoved his nose under her hand. He approved, apparently. But he didn’t have to worry about exposing his secret life as her familiar, did he? No big deal for the dog.

For her, on the other hand, letting her secret out could be disastrous. She’d tried having a roommate once upon a time. The situation hadn’t worked out well at all. Even in these modern times no one looked kindly on finding a witch in their midst.

Dear lord, what had she just agreed to?